Novus Moneta Seclorum

Novus Moneta Seclorum

I'm proud to present my latest bitcoin art collection, 'Novus Moneta Seclorum'.

The NFT collection drops TODAY, Monday Nov 9th at 7PM ET on Follow on twitter for more updates.

Novus Moneta Seclorum is a wordplay on the latin phrase "Novus Ordo Seclorum", and its intended meaning is to present bitcoin as the ‘New Currency for the Ages’. This is the unifying theme for the three pieces which are each set in different time periods. Citadel Paradiso is based in the past (the roaring 1920's), future Cypherpunk Sanctorium is based in the future, and Sound Money Stronghold is based in a gloomy version of our present-day situation. This is my second milestone release to drop on Nifty Gateway, featuring my first sets of fully rigged characters, an exceptional level of detail, and thoughtfully-crafted audio tracks for each piece. 


The series consists of three sci-fi styled images with each using a different visual style: art deco, cyberpunk and steampunk. The entire series takes inspiration from the film Metropolis by Fritz Lang and its creation was prompted by my desire to revisit the core ideas in my original cryptopolis print (2018) and create a new milestone series of digital art, challenging both my technical capabilities in illustration and animation, and my discipline and dedication to delivering finished art pieces on a specified date, i.e. the Nov 9th drop on  

Collector's Edition prints for each art piece are now live. Prints are offered in two sizes, 60x60cm and 90x90cm with framed options available.

The first piece, titled "Citadel Paradiso" is set in a roaring 20's cityscape taking viewers through "Citadel Cinema 21" to see the main event: the fed money printer on the fritz and Satoshi coming in to save the day with his sneaky sidekick Prometheus who harnesses the fire from the money printer to bring light to Citadel Paradiso.

This is my first animated art piece utilizing fully rigged characters for animation, a process I began with the Femme Satoshi character:

And then continued with the rest of the cast of this animation, for example the super satoshi character
and even the cancan dancers required some rigging


Here is the Edition version of Citadel Paradiso, which will be sold on Nifty Gateway's primary market in an edition of 21. 

The second piece, titled 'Cypherpunk Sanctorium' is set in a futuristic, cyberpunk-styled metropolis, Cypherpunk Sanctorium explores Bitcoin’s role in providing users privacy and censorship resistance.

This animated piece follows the main character on his journey to freedom of money and features my newly created “Andro Satoshi” character as the centerpiece, 21 of my artworks animated on tv screens and plastered on building walls, and a tribute to 6 prominent cypherpunks who developed the technologies which lead to Bitcoin’s creation.

Cypherpunk Sanctorium in particular I would qualify as one of the most ambitious artworks I've taken on to completion thus far in my career. The vector art alone contains hundreds of elements, layers, details, and design decisions I contemplated over the course of weeks as I prepared both the still and animated artworks. This definitely pushed the limits of my computer setup as well as it was very challenging to put everything together, and required me to learn a lot. All good things. 
Here is the Andro Satoshi character illustration, rigged up and prepared for animation. 

And our city-dwelling runner


And even the 6 cypherpunk tribute towers all have their own layers for animation, as they rise into place towards the end during the climax.

Here are some more shots showcasing the detail work put into this artwork

Very pleased with the result on cypherpunk sanctorium, I consider it both one of my best fine art print pieces, and possibly the best animation project I have produced to date. The entire series is some of my best work, truthfully.

Here is the edition version of Cypherpunk Sanctorium

The third piece, Sound Money Stronghold is set in a steampunk style, retro-futuristic present-day, Sound Money Stronghold takes us on an aerial journey to the inflation station so we can see what our banker buddies have been up to.

A giant Femme Satoshi is erected  at the center point of a fortified balloon base, where all Satoshis are safe from the toxic fumes of the out-of-control money printing and growing debt burden.. not to mention the huge explosion when it all comes crashing down. Detailed touches include fully animated letter boards with persuasive statistics, four illustrated steam-punk inspired satoshi characters, and an industrial-punk track with all the sounds you’d imagine come from an inflation station. 

Some of the details showcased in this art piece: 

Here is the edition version of Sound Money Stronghold:

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