People for Freedom for People - Bitcoin art piece

People for Freedom for People - Bitcoin art piece

Here is the latest piece in my Bitcoin art series, People for Freedom for People.

The image draws on Egyptian symbolism to draw attention to the importance of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency movement, as well as to communicate some messages as to why it's so highly venerated by the community that supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The title, "People for Freedom for People" is used to demonstrate that the currency is one created and supported by "the people", in other words, the common man - a decentralized community of people who value freedom and saw the corruption of the banking system and saw a better way - they created a currency that serves the people who use it. It's decentralized, written in open-source code, and cannot be controlled by any central authority like our paper currencies which are all inevitably printed into oblivion by the central bank's monetary policies; i.e. interest on ever-increasing piles of government and consumer debt.

As for the symbolism, the centerpiece of the image is my rendition of Isis, the mother goddess. According to the oldest mythology, Isis resurrected her slain husband, Osiris and represents a regeneration of cycles - in this case a movement away from the fractional reserve banking system and towards a new type of sound money.

The Isis figure, bearing a female version of the anonymous mask, is erected on top of the Bank of International Settlements building, with flames emitting from the top floor of the building.

Behind the Isis figure is also the lower portion of the Aten sun disk symbol, which symbolizes creation; the giving of life and a nurturing spirit. Below the main image reads People for - Freedom - for People to communicate that people who value freedoms such as privacy, self-soverignty, and free speech created bitcoin to give people these freedoms.

Between the words at the bottom of the image is a gold bar with wings, similar to the ones borne by Isis. This refers to the analogy of Bitcoin as gold with wings - gold 2.0. The gold bar reads "inconfiscatable", "digital", "crypto currency", and also displays the supply limit of 21,000,000 as well as its inception date of 2009.

Around the image are a number of reasons why bitcoin creates freedom for people, so anyone who takes the time to view the detail will see all the context for the primary message.

Posters of this artwork here.

Hope you like it, and would love to hear your feedback!

- Lucho


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