Quantitative Hardening (AudioVisual Bitcoin Art)

Quantitative Hardening (AudioVisual Bitcoin Art)

Quantitative Hardening - AudioVisual Bitcoin Art (Preview) from Lucho Poletti on Vimeo

This artwork, titled Quantitative Hardening will be released in video format via Nifty Gateway next Thursday, September 3rd.

It's a spin-off of the art I created for ColdKey.eu's third bitcoin halving  card sets.Bitcoin Third Halving - Collab with Coldkey

Both the vector illustration and animation have been weeks in progress, so I am both very excited and proud to present the first look at the fruits of this labor!

As my friend Bitcoin Moses says, "Nothing Good Comes Easy".

The video opens up introducing the concept (i.e. what is Quantitative Hardening) in a 3D spinning text block, setting the tone for the animation to follow.

Quantitative Hardening reduces the bitcoins entering circulation.

Simply put, it is a clever term to refer to bitcoin's monetary policy of decreasing the inflation rate by 50% once every four years. Opposite from what central banks like the U.S. Federal Reserve has been doing lately.

Newly illustrated and packed with details, the artwork features a new satoshi character with the bitcoin genesis block code smudged in layers around his face, probably from mining all those genesis era blocks in his deep, dark cyber-cave.

Quantitative Hardening Satoshi Character by Lucho Poletti Bitcoin Art 

In contrast to my original 3rd bitcoin halving design created for the ColdKeys, I use Quantitative Hardening to deliver an audiovisual message, a historical take on bitcoin's monetary policy.

Starting with Bitcoin's genesis

and going through each halving event to date.


Third Bitcoin Halving

Within each block is some visual aid for the genesis and each 50% decrease in the block rewards for each halving event.

The audio track was created to enhance the visual experience, adding digital sounds and a soundtrack of mechanical and industrial noise. 

For a bit more of a taste, here is the genesis block scene:

Quantitative Hardening - Genesis Block (Preview) from Lucho Poletti on Vimeo.

The full artwork will soon be revealed and also offered in collectors' edition prints on Hahnemuhle German Etching 310 GSM fine art paper, which are currently in production. Artist Proofs will be ready Aug 27th.

Follow me on twitter for updates twitter.com/luchopoletti.

Hope you enjoyed the preview, and much more to come! 


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