Citadel Paradiso, Cypherpunk Sanctorium, Sound Money Stronghold
Novus Moneta Seclorum

Citadel Paradiso, Cypherpunk Sanctorium, and Sound Money Stronghold

Collectors editions in 60cm and 90cm sizes, Hahnemuhle German Etching

Spreading the message of better money

Lucho targets the general public with his Bitcoin art, pushing a visual propaganda campaign with one simple goal: to convince people that Bitcoin is Better Money.

The Better Money box is the latest tool to support this mission: A powerful pack of stickers, patches, & a limited run of hand-crafted keychains created in collaboration with local artisans.

Interviews & Press

Curating Crypto Podcast

Lucho Poletti: A well-established digital bitcoin & Propaganda artist who keeps raising the bar with his iconic art.

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North American Bitcoin Conference

"He has a specific passion to create digital art based around sovereignty & the idea that bitcoin could be the modern day liberty bond; that we are at a time of war with central banks & the devaluation of our currencies".

video with trunews

How Propaganda Art Can Spread The Message Of Bitcoin

Lucho Poletti is brainwashing us all into buying bitcoin! Seriously, this visual artist and self-described “propagandist” considers it his job to create art that propagates the message of the orange coin. Poletti twists the bright words and bold colors of mid-20th century brand adverts, American war posters and pop culture to address the control systems in our world and how we can break free from them through a decentralized, immutable currency system.

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Bitcoin Art Wearables

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Bitcoin Tees

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Represent for the movement


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