Gold With Wings (AudioVisual Bitcoin Art)

Gold With Wings (AudioVisual Bitcoin Art)

Gold With Wings - Audiovisual Bitcoin Art (Preview) from Lucho Poletti on Vimeo.

Gold With Wings is the 2nd part of the 3-piece Audiovisual Bitcoin Art collection dropping September 3rd on Nifty Gateway.

This piece, in contrast to "Quantitative Hardening" which focuses on Bitcoin's monetary policy, Gold With Wings focuses on what makes Bitcoin a better version of gold.

The grand majority of quotes contained within the artworks come from the Winklevoss twins, a.k.a. the Winklevii. In fact, the title itself is derived from Tyler's statement, "Bitcoin is gold 2.0 with wings".

After setting the tone with a quick historical reference 

and a key fundamental difference in the bitcoin supply issuance vs. gold

each of the four blocks contain artwork and animations explaining characteristics which make bitcoin better than gold:

1) Verifiability (more verifiable)

Gold With Wings by Lucho Poletti - More Verifiable

2) Portability (more portable)

Gold With Wings by Lucho Poletti - More Portable

3) Divisibility (More Divisible

Gold With Wings by Lucho Poletti - More Portable

4) Scarcity (More Scarce)
Gold With Wings by Lucho Poletti - More Scarce

The fourth block, More Scarce, is zoomed a bit here to highlight some of the detail & unique messaging in each of the 4 corner blocks.

Gold With Wings also includes a tribute to the most influential public figures propagating these ideas, the Winklevoss twins. Within the image are a portrait of each, which are filled with corresponding quotes by each. Tyler:


Other Winklevii quotes:

Gold With Wings draws from many of the same ideas as my earlier Digital Gold piece that sold 10 metal panels, 10 prints, and 10 metallic prints in 2018. However, Gold With Wings is more focused on comparisons and contains much more detail, information, and little easter eggs for those who take the time to notice.

Digital Gold by Lucho Poletti

The Digital Gold narrative is stronger than ever in my opinion, and although I have consistently revisited this topic, even a very close name with "Gold with wiiiings", I have at last completed this work which serves as both a tribute and historical documentation of the subject and the pro-bitcoin position, as well as a sort of educational video, using an easy-to-follow format and visual aid to guide viewers though the key points. 

Here is another teaser, with the opening 25 seconds (final video is 1:36)

Gold With Wings - Audiovisual Bitcoin Art (opening scene teaser) from Lucho Poletti on Vimeo.

The full artwork will soon be revealed and also offered in collectors' edition prints on Hahnemuhle German Etching 310 GSM fine art paper, which are currently in production.


Artist Proofs are ready & will be included in auctions.

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Stay tuned for the drop Thursday, September 3rd!


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