1 BTC Acrylic Panel

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Edition of 10: Encapsulated Acrylic Panel, 20 x 30 cm

"1 BTC = 100 Million Satoshis"

Technique: Digital art (vector) printed in ultra-high resolution on PH-neutral, fine art photo film (200gsm). Photo film is then installed on a 3mm Aluminum composite panel and encapsulated behind a 3mm premium acrylic facing.

A verisart certificate of authenticity is embedded on the rear side, protected behind a layer of vinyl and tamper-evident due to embedding behind rectangular wall mount. Certificates are each numbered, digitally signed, and timestamped authentic on the bitcoin blockchain.

Rear sides feature rectangular wooden hangers making this piece ready-to-hang out of the box.

1 BTC Acrylic Panel
1 BTC Acrylic Panel

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